Sergi - Roberto points the ball
Sergi - Roberto points the ball, closed the right side of the small-angle volley was denied the bottom line Shea Theodore Jersey. Four minutes later, Paolini restricted area before long shot slightly. The first 33 minutes, Alba pass from the left, Suarez low shot missed. The first 36 minutes, Messi oblique pass left, Alba bottom line before the triangle back knock, Messi break out Tuina, Barcelona 1-0.

Chelsea missed the European war last season, with a stable lineup and excellent tactical layout eventually completed in the English Premier League to lead, hit the line, the new season, the pace of entry and exit is not small and the need for multi-line operations Ducks Jersey, Conti from the early season on Need to constantly knead the new array. However, frequent injuries and frequent schedule under the team did not form a fixed starting lineup, Conti in the "war with war" schedule through continuous trial and error attempts to establish a "small law - Azar, Pedro - Morata "offensive keel line.

In addition before the game, Conti also disclosed that Canter returned to the team to participate in training, although not in the team's big list today, but the French even in the race next week with Rome will be able to comeback Sami Vatanen Jersey.

With the backs of Derink Wauter and Kant, Conti had four midfielders in his hands and the Italians even considered changing midfielder to third lumbar, after which Kant's position was unshakable, while Small law in the midfield scheduling and passing ability is indispensable, if we can change the three lumbar, Baker Yoyo and dinkerwort can compete for posts Chris Wagner Jersey, but also to strengthen the rotation in all competitions .
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From the whole point of view
From the whole point of view, Bournemouth is indeed the better performing side: Manchester United shot two shots 9 times Mike Santorelli Jersey, Bournemouth shot seven shots 13 times Clayton Stoner Jersey. Bournemouth coach Eddie-Horowitz also said at the post-match conference that "it's a pity that Manchester United shot the first goal and scored a goal." Such an assessment may not sound like talking about a strong opponent.

For Arsenal legend Keon, Arsenal this season, the League Champions League you want to qualify through the league has been difficult to ascend, Keon said: "Arsenal offensive ability has been dumped by their competitors a few streets Ryan Kesler Jersey, This allowed them to sink in the championship. The top four of this season have been farther and farther away for Arsenal, and if Arsene Wenger can not bring Arsenal to the Champions League, the old-fashioned question: 'Arsene Wenger is going left ? It has to be taken out to speculation Corey Perry Jersey.

This summer, Wayne Rooney left Manchester United, it seems, the Manchester United's best shooter has been losing ground. However, return to the old club, Rooney refused to degenerate. In the recent game against West Ham United, Wayne Rooney staged hat-trick, also scored a wonderful shot lob, which shows that Rooney is not old knife.
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The United fans also nearly two games
The United fans also nearly two games team downturn due to midfielder Pogba's absence. In the eight Premiership games played by the French, Manchester United 7 wins and 1 draws Nick Ritchie Jersey, averaging three goals; but in his absence nine games Ducks Jerseys Cheap, Manchester United 5 wins, 1 draw Kevin Bieksa Jersey, 3 losses, averaging goals also dropped Half, only 1.44. "Manchester United now do not have a good sidewalk assault, and the midfield to rely entirely on Pogba and Marshall, the former is not, the latter ups and downs of state, the initiative in the game is not in our hands.

Keon even said Arsene Wenger is no longer fit for Arsenal manager: "If the second half of the season Arsenal did not play well, Wenger may have raised his hands that he is not a suitable coach Arsenal. Arsene Wenger era seems to have come to an end, ?zil and Sanchez did not make every effort in the game.

In Everton against Newcastle in the game, Wayne Rooney continue to play a high level, the first 27 minutes, he attacked the ball, the ball assigned to the right, when Lennon received a pass header, the Newcastle goalkeeper made a save , But Rooney quickly appeared in front of the field goal score to help Everton break. After breaking the door, Rooney opened his arms to celebrate, that scene seems to illustrate that he is the king of Everton Dustin Tokarski Jersey. The game coincides with Rooney on behalf of Everton 100 appearances, and his goal is exactly the time. Ultimately, the toffee soldiers will be the score 1-0 to maintain the final, Wayne Rooney scored in exchange for 3 points.
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Although there is a long way to go before
Although there is a long way to go before this season, Guardianilla has not held any trophies in Manchester City Corey Perry Jersey, but many statistics show that under the coaching of the Spaniards, Manchester City has risen to a whole new level Scott Niedermayer Jersey. The style is comparable to the two most outstanding teams he coached in the past. Of course, in order to copy his best scene Kyle Palmieri Jersey, blue moon there is a small way to go. After winning Derby in Manchester, Guardiola has been asked if victory over Manchester United is enough to rival Barcelona's Champions League final in 2011. So far, this victory is Guardiola coaching career the most important moment, if he can lead the city to copy such a state, then they will usher in more glory days.

For Arsenal stalled reason, Ferdinand blamed the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger body: "I think Arsenal players are on the decline, they have been unable to find a progressive motivation under Wenger, I can not see Player Awareness Reviewing Arsenal's team history, including Arsene Wenger's early days, Arsenal fought for the championship, they are now struggling each year on the road to victory.

Earlier this morning in the Premier League round of 17 games, Everton 1-0 Lectra Newcastle Dustin Tokarski Jersey, Rooney continued the recent good state, scored the winning goal, on behalf of Everton's 100 milestone, England star made its own contribution. This season, Wayne Rooney scored nine league goals, as many as Lukaku.
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